Why should I use a Travel Agent?

Travel agents have extensive knowledge of resorts, cruise lines, airlines, and destinations, and more to help you cut through the clutter. We can work with your budget to get you the most out of your much deserved vacation. We are part of a network of trusted travel partners, ready to customize your vacation to your desires whether they include relaxing on the beach or exploring every bit of your destination that you can. Vacations are valuable experiences that are saved up for and dreamed about for months, or even years. We want to help ensure every part of your vacation is a pleasant one. Overall, we add value to your vacation at no extra cost to you!

How much does a Travel Agent cost?

We get paid directly from the vendors that we book through, so there are no additional or surprise fees for you! We get to do what I love, which is help people and families create lasting memories and adventures, without the stress of all the planning. Did you know: Resorts, Hotels, Cruises, Tours and more build commission that they pay travel agents into the price they charge you already? When you don't use an agent, you're paying money for a service you are not receiving. Win-Win to book through an agent: You get to help a small business at no additional cost and you get the added value an agent brings to your trip!

Why do I need travel insurance?

Travel Insurance is designed to protect you, protect your personal belongings, and protect your vaction experiences.

Benefits of travel insurance include:

  • Emergency medical insurance

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

  • Lost or stolen luggage

  • Rental Car

  • Trip Cancellation

  • Trip Interruption

  • Flight Cancellations and travel delays

Are there certain things that travel insurance does not cover?

Travel insurance doesn't cover everything that you might do or experience on your trip. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Extreme sports where the chance of death or injury is high

  • Things you may do under the influence of controlled substances

  • Fear of traveling to countries, such as those listed on the State Department's Do Not Travel list

  • Learning to fly a plane

  • Playing professional sports

  • Pregnancy

  • Medical travel

  • Pre-existing medical conditions